Family Advice

Who’s your one?

by Max Lucado – “In the Grip of Grace”

God is for you. Not “may be,” not “was,” not “would be,” but “God is!” He is for you, today, at this hour, at this minute, as you read this sentence. No need to wait in line or come back tomorrow. He is with you. He could not be closer than He is at this second. His loyalty won’t increase if you are better nor lessen if you are worse. He if for you.
   God is for you. Turn to the sidelines; that’s God cheering your run. look past the finish line; that’s God applauding your steps. Listen for Him in the bleachers, shouting your name. Too tired to continue? He’ll carry you. Too discouraged to fight? He’s picking you up. God is for you.
   God is for you. Had He a calendar, your birthday would be circled. If He  drove a car, your name would be on His bumper. If there’s a tree in heaven, He’s carved your name in the bark. We know He has a tattoo, and we know what it says. “I have written your name on My hand,” He declares (Isa. 49:16).